P2 - a Generic Proxy Platform for Wireless Access and Mobility in CORBA

Michael Knapp, Rainer Ruggaber, Jochen Seitz

To appear at Nineteenth Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on PRINCIPLES OF DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING (PODC 2000), Portland, Oregon, 16-19 July 2000


Distributed applications in a wireless environment often suffer from sudden connection losses. Furthermore, scarce bandwidth and high error rates may affect data transmission so that traditional Internet protocols like TCP show unwanted behaviour. However, one of today's most popular middleware architectures, namely the Common Object Request Broker Architecture CORBA, is built on top of TCP. Hence, its extension into the wireless and mobile environment has to be carefully designed. This paper introduces P2, a proxy platform for CORBA-based applications in the mobile environment that copes with the mentioned problems. It can be transparently integrated into existing distributed systems without changes to clients or servers using a generic interface and dynamic type determination. Furthermore, this platform flexibly provides services for context- and location-aware applications, thus broadening the scope of the CORBA-based middleware.