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PODC Workshop on
Concurrency and Synchronization in Java Programs

July 25-26, 2004, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

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Extended Submission Deadline: April 11, 2004


Synchronization is fast becoming a major performance and design issue for concurrent programming on modern architectures. With the advent of JSR166, the new Java(TM) Concurrency Package, new low-level synchronization primitives and high-level constructs are being introduced into the Java language. In light of these developments, there is a unique window of opportunity for the Java Community and the PODC community to join forces in evaluating and planning future directions for synchronization in general, and Java synchronization in particular. The goal of this workshop is to bring about a productive interaction between members of the two communities, targeting interesting synchronization problems, solutions, constructs, models, and other core aspects of synchronization in Java programs.


Contributions are solicited in all areas related to synchronization in concurrent Java programs. While synchronization in Java Virtual Machine implementations directly related to synchronization in Java programs is also of interest, papers whose primary focus is synchronization in other parts of a Java Virtual Machine are not appropriate.

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • use of JSR166 (Java Concurrency Package) features
  • implementation of JSR166 features in JVMs
  • scalability
  • concurrent data structure implementations in Java programs
  • case studies
  • nonblocking synchronization
  • Java Memory Model
  • synchronization constructs, e.g., software transactional memory
  • language and semantics ("what if"s)
  • Java synchronization vs. synchronization in alternative environments
  • compiler transformations
  • effect of garbage collection on difficulty of synchronization
  • performance and scalability analysis techniques
  • performance and scalability studies of important applications
  • hard synchronization problems without adequate solutions


Submitted papers should be original, unpublished work. The main focus in selecting workshop contributions will be the intrinsic interest and timeliness of the work, so authors are encouraged to submit polished descriptions of work in progress as well as papers describing completed projects.

Accepted papers will be collected into a technical report of the hosting university for the convenience of workshop attendees. Papers accepted to the workshop may subsequently be submitted to more formal publication venues if this is allowed by the rules of those venues. Papers can be submitted to both PODC and the workshop, and if appropriate submissions are accepted to both, a special joint session will be included in the PODC program. Authors wishing to have their papers considered for such a session should submit their paper separately to both PODC and the workshop, indicating on the cover page of each that they are interested in the joint session. Papers accepted to the joint session will be published in the PODC proceedings as usual, and in addition will have their abstracts published in the informal workshop proceedings. A special journal issue associated with the workshop is being considered.

All submissions will be handled electronically and must be in PDF or PostScript format. Papers must not exceed 10 pages (US "Letter" size, 8.5 x 11 inches) including text, figures and references. The font size must be at least 11 points.


The submission server for CSJP 2004 is now up!


  • Feb 23, 2004 Deadline for submission to PODC (and joint session)
  • April 4, 2004 April 11, 2004 Deadline for submission to workshop
  • June 1, 2004 Acceptance/rejection notifications
  • June 18, 2004 Camera-ready papers due
  • July 25-26, 2004 Workshop in Newfoundland


Mark Moir   Mark.Moir@Sun.COM
Nir Shavit  

Sun Microsystems Laboratories
1 Network Drive
Burlington, MA 01803


David Bacon, IBM
Hans Boehm, HP
Josh Bloch, Sun
David Detlefs, Sun Labs
Tim Harris, Cambridge University
Maurice Herlihy, Brown University
David Holmes, DLTeCH Pty Ltd
Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego
Mark Moir, Sun Labs (Co-Chair)
Vivek Sarkar, IBM
Nir Shavit, Sun Labs (Co-Chair)
Martin Rinard, MIT
Jan Vitek, Purdue University