Dial M-POMC 2007 Registration

Registration Fees
(in US dollars)

ACM Members: $150
Non-ACM Members: $175

It is now too late to register online.
Please print out this page, fill it in, and bring to the workshop to register there.

  • Registration fees do not include the cost of hotel accommodations.  Registrants must make their own arrangements. Follow this link for more information.

Registration Form

  1. Personal information (fields in red are required).
    1. Given name(s)
    2. Family name
    3. Full name as you want it on your name tag
    4. Affiliation you want on your name tag
    5. Postal address
    6. Phone
    7. FAX
    8. Email
  2. Level of registration:

    ACM member number (if "ACM Member" chosen):
  3. Administrative information

    1. Attendee list.
      Dial M-POMC 2007 may provide an address list of attendees at the workshop.  Please check the following if appropriate:
      I prefer to be omitted from the attendee list.
    2. Meal Preference.
      1. Vegetarian and Kosher meals can be provided. Please check the following if appropriate:
        I prefer vegetarian meals.
        I prefer Kosher meals.
        (You can provide more details below.)
      2. We cannot guarantee that other special meal requests will be honored. However, if you have any other dietary constraints, please list them here and we will do our best to accommodate you. (Those who checked "vegetarian" or "Kosher" above can also use this space provide any relevant details.)