PODC 2000: 
Election of Steering-Committee Chair

Long-term planning and implementation of PODC is the responsibility of the PODC Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee comprises the following individuals:  an elected chair; the current Program-Committee chair; the two previous Program-Committee chairs; the current general chair; the current treasurer; and an elected member at-large.  Terms expire at the end of each year's PODC (e.g., currently the Program-Committee chairs for 1998, 1999, and 2000 are on the committee; after the end of PODC 2000, the Program-Committee chair for 1998 will leave the committee and be replaced by the Program-Committee chair for 2001).

The position of Steering-Committee chair is held for three years, with elections taking place at the PODC business meeting.  The current Steering-Committee chair is Michael Merritt, whose term expires at the end of PODC 2000.  Thus, there will be an election to choose his successor this year.  (Previous Steering-Committee chairs were Maurice Herlihy and Cynthia Dwork.)

The Steering-Committee chair is expected to lead the Steering Committee during his or her term of office.  The focus of the chair is on PODC's long-term position; for example, while the general chair may manage raising funds for one year's PODC, the Steering-Committee chair may be responsible for raising funds for longer-term projects (e.g., the endowment for the PODC Influential Paper Award).  Because of this long-term focus, the Steering-Committee chair is usually responsible for identifying sites for future PODCs.

This year, there are five nominees for the position of Steering-Committee chair:

The position will be filled by the candidate receiving a majority of votes at the PODC 2000 business meeting.  If no candidate receives a majority during the first round of voting, the two leading candidates will enter a second round of voting.

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