PODC 2004 Registration

Registration Fees
(all in US dollars)

Regular Registration
(by June 28)
Late Registration
(after June 28)
ACM Members: $335 $455
Non-ACM Members: $420 $555*
Students: $130 $220
Extra banquet tickets: $65
2004 proceedings: $35
*Note that the basic cost of ACM membership is US$99

It is now too late to register online. Please print out this page, fill it in, and bring to the conference to register there.

  • Regular registration fees expired at 11:59pm EDT on June 28, 2004.
  • Registration fees do not include the cost of hotel accommodations.  Registrants must make their own arrangements. Follow this link for more information.
  • Registration fees cover the cost of some meals. All registrants (including students) receive admission to the conference banquet as part of their registration.

Registration Form

  1. Personal information (fields in red are required).
    1. Given name(s)
    2. Family name
    3. Full name as you want it on your name tag
    4. Affiliation you want on your name tag
    5. Postal address
    6. Phone
    7. FAX
    8. Email
  2. Level of registration:

    ACM member number (if "ACM Member" chosen):
  3. Paper authorship.
    If you are an author of a paper accepted to PODC 2004 (regular presentation or brief announcement), please indicate here the submission numbers of any such papers. (Submission numbers were assigned to papers during the review process; if you do not know the submission number for one of your accepted papers, check with the program chair, Shay Kutten, or one of your co-authors.)

    Submission numbers of accepted papers (separate the numbers of different papers by blanks):
    Leave this blank if you need to register without knowing your papers' submission number(s). Please contact Gil Neiger when you have the submission number(s).

  4. Extra proceedings.
    You may purchase extra proceedings in advance at a cost of US$35 each. Please indicate below how many that you would like to order:
    Proceedings from PODC 2004 (in addition to the one you get by registering for PODC 2004)
  5. Extra banquet tickets.
    You may purchase in additional banquet tickets at US$65 each. (Every registration includes one banquet ticket.) Please indicate below whether you would like any:
    Additional banquet ticket(s)
  6. Administrative information
    1. Mailing list.
      Ordinarily, PODC registrants are added to the PODC email list (if they are not already there). Please check the following if appropriate:
      I prefer not to be added to the PODC email list; please remove me if I am on the list.
    2. Attendee list.
      PODC 2004 plans to provide an address list of attendees at the conference.  Please check the following if appropriate:
      I prefer to be omitted from the attendee list.
    3. Meal Preference.
      1. The conference hotel can provide vegetarian or Kosher meals for the banquet and the two PODC lunches. Please check the following if appropriate:
        I prefer vegetarian meals.
        I prefer Kosher meals.
      2. We cannot guarantee that the conference hotel will be able to honor other special meal requests. However, if you have any other dietary constraints, please list them here and we will do our best to accommodate you:

    4. Arrival time
      This year PODC will have a full day of activities on Sunday. When do you expect (or when are you most likely) to arrive at the conference? Saturday or earlier Sunday Monday or later Don't know
    5. Hotel stay
      Do you expect to stay at the conference hotel? Yes No Don't know
    6. Sightseeing tour
      There may be a 3-hour lunch break on Sunday to allow participants to go on a sightseeing tour (at their own expense). Would you be interested in going on such a tour? Yes No Don't know
    7. Conference workshop
      This year, PODC will be run in conjunction with a Workshop on Concurrency and Synchronization in Java Programs. PODC registration includes free registration in the workshop. Do you plan to attend the workshop? Yes No Don't know

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