23rd Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on
Principles Of Distributed Computing

(PODC 2004)

July 25-28, 2004, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

We shall conduct an (about) 3 hours sightseeing tour over Sunday lunch time. The idea is to go by busses to Cape Spear, and around, and to have a boxed lunch there. (Please see a short description of the Cape spear below; you are also invited to look up on the Internet). The tour will cost 35 CANEDIAN dollars, or less, (one Canedian dollar is about 75 US cents) not including the lunch. A boxed lunch will cost about 12 CANEDIAN dollars.

WE NEED TO KNOW THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS IN ADVANCE.  To register, please send email to and write "Sight-seeing trip" at the subject line. Please do so ASAP, but by July the 20th at the latest. Please add (at the body of the message) if you have special needs (e.g., if you would like to buy your own lunch, if you only eat Kosher, etc.)

Cape Spear

This is the most easterly point in North America. It is about 10 miles from the Fairmont hotel. By car, it is reachable in 25 minutes. The place is very scenic, and a leisurely stroll will take one to two hours. It is one of the best places to see icebergs, whales and dolphins.

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