Call for nominations of papers for the
ACM SIGACT/SIGOPS Annual Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing

The Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing is awarded for an outstanding paper on the principles of distributed computing, whose significance and impact on the theory and/or practice of distributed computing has been evident for at least a decade.

The prize is named for Edsger W. Dijsktra, a pioneer in the area of distributed computing.  The prize is presented at the PODC conference (  However, papers appearing in any conference proceedings or journals are eligible, as long as they have had a significant impact on research areas of interest within the PODC community, and as long as the year of publication is at least ten years prior to the year in which the award is given.

The winning authors will share a cash award of $1,000, and each will be presented with a plaque at PODC 2005. An announcement of the award recipient will be included in the PODC 2005 proceedings.  The announcement will include a paragraph describing the paper's lasting contributions.

Additional details about the award and the nomination instructions can be found in

Please send your nominations to James Aspnes, PODC 2005 program chair, at The deadline is May 1st, 2005.


Jim Anderson, UNC Chapel Hill
James Aspnes (chair), Yale University
Faith Ellen Fich, University of Toronto
Vassos Hadzilacos, University of Toronto

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