PODC Business Meeting

Monday, July 24, 2006, 8PM

The agenda for the PODC business meeting is currently as follows.  If you have any topics you would like to add, contact Mark Tuttle at tuttle@acm.org.

  1. Reports from the organizing committee:
    1. Eric Ruppert, 2006 general chair
    2. Eric Ruppert, 2005 treasurer
    3. Indranil (Indy) Gupta, 2006 treasurer
    4. Dahlia Malkhi, 2006 program chair
  2. Brief announcements:
    1. Dijkstra award will be a joint PODC/DISC award starting 2007
    2. Organizing committee will no longer link the treasurer and general chair positions
  3. Future PODCs
    1. 2007 in Portland (Gil Neiger, local arrangements, August 12-15)
    2. 2008 in Toronto (Baochun Li, local arrangements, dates in flux)
    3. 2009 in ???  Volunteers welcome.
  4. PODC steering committee elections