Call for Posters

25th Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on
Principles Of Distributed Computing

(PODC 2006)

July 23-26, 2006, Denver, Colorado, USA

In a continuing effort to provide a wide forum for work in areas related to principles of distributed computing, and following the good reception of the poster presentations last year, PODC will again feature poster presentations. Submissions for the poster presentation should report on interesting original results or ongoing work in the general area of distributed computing. Poster presentations will enable authors to receive early feedback on their work and exchange ideas.

Posters will be on display during the "poster sessions", which will occur on the first day and will succeed the special anniverary celebration. One of the authors of an accepted poster submission is required to be present to answer questions about their posters.


All poster submissions must be in Postscript or PDF format.

Poster submissions must have a single-column format using font size 11 and double-spacing. A submission must be no longer than 5 pages on letter-size paper, including everything (cover page, bibliography, etc.). NO appendices allowed. Any paper not strictly conforming with these limits will be rejected outright.

On the first page (which counts toward the 5 page limit!), include:

  1. contact person's name and email,
  2. title of paper,
  3. names and affiliations of all authors,

Any relation to, and/or partial overlap with, any published or concurrently submitted paper, must be clearly indicated.

Click here to submit electronically.


Submission deadline: May 8, 2006, at 20:59 PDT
Notification of acceptance: June 1, 2006

For more information, please contact Dahlia Malkhi, PODC 2006 Program Chair.

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