PODC 2008





Call for Papers

CFP in pdf

Papers are to be submitted electronically, following the guidelines available on the conference web page. Abstracts of regular presentations must be registered by the abstract registration deadline, whereas the full paper itself is due only by the submission deadline. Authors may withdraw their registration at any time before the submission deadline.

A submission for a regular presentation must report on original research. Papers submitted for regular presentations must contain results that have not previously appeared, and have not been concurrently submitted to a journal or conference with published proceedings. Any partial overlap with any such published or concurrently submitted paper must be clearly indicated. Papers for regular presentation must be no longer than 12 single-column pages on letter-size paper using at least 11-point font, including tables and references. Up to 4 additional pages of figures may be included with the submission. Additional details may be included in a clearly marked appendix, which will be read at the discretion of the program committee.

A submission for a brief announcement must be no longer than 3 single-column pages on letter-size paper using at least 11-point font. Such submissions may describe work in progress or work presented elsewhere. A submission that is not selected for regular presentation may be invited for a brief announcement.

Best Student Paper Award. The program committee will give a prize for the best regular paper that has at least half the authors who are full-time students at the time of submission and whose contributions to the paper are significant. To be considered for the prize, the other co-authors of the paper must jointly send a letter to the program committee chair briefly describing the combined contributions of the student author(s) to the paper. The program committee may decline to make the award or may split it.