Jennifer Jubilee

To celebrate the 60th birthday of Jennifer Welch, there will be a session consisting of four talks that will discuss her contributions to the theory of distributed computation and the impact of her work.

The celebration will be held from 4:30 to 6:15 on July 23rd (the first day of workshops).  The event is open to everyone, not just those attending the workshops.

Here are the speakers and talk topics :

  • Hagit Attiya: “It’s About Time, Memories and Messages.”
    This talk will describe my long history of interactions with Jennifer, some of our joint publications, and many recollections of working with her.
  • Shlomi Dolev: “From Self-Stabilizing Byzantine Clock Synchronization to Geoquorums for Ad Hoc Networks and Up to Now”
    This talk will discuss the journey from self-stabilizing Byzantine schemes to Geoquorums for ad hoc networks and the connections to distributed cryptographic schemes
  • Nancy Lynch:  “Working with Jennifer, from 1984 until Pretty Recently”
    Jennifer was one of my first graduate students at MIT, a very long time ago, when I first started my Theory of Distributed Systems group.  She and I worked closely together on projects involving clock synchronization, Byzantine agreement, and formal verification of distributed algorithms.  Since then, we have periodically collaborated on other projects, on an array of different topics. In this talk I will briefly summarize the main projects and results, and try to indicate some of their impact. And I will also mention some other ways our paths have intersected.
  • Nitin Vaidya: “The Oracle”
    This talk will discuss some of Jennifer’s contributions and her influence on my work.