Workshops & Tutorials

Workshop info

  1. Workshop on Advanced Tools, Programming Languages, and Platforms for Implementing and Evaluating Algorithms for Distributed Systems (ApPLIED)
    Date/Time: Monday, July 25
    Organizers: Elad Michael Schiller, Chryssis Georgiou

  2. Principles of Distributed Learning (PODL)
    Dates/Time: Monday, July 25
    Organizers: Rachid Guerraoui, Gupta Nirupam, Rafaƫl Pinot

  3. Distributed Algorithms on Realistic Network Models (DARe)
    Date/Time: Friday, July 29
    Organizers: Laurent Feuilloley, Yannic Maus, Alexandre Vigny

Tutorial info

  1. Dispersion of Mobile Robots
    Date/Time: Friday, July 29
    Organizers: Anisur Rahaman Molla, William K. Moses Jr.