Brief Announcement: The HiMAT Model for Mobile Agent Applications
Marco Cremonini, Andrea Omicini and Franco Zambonelli

Brief Announcement: The Sound of Silence: Guessing Games for Saving Energy in Mobile Environment
Shlomi Dolev and Ephraim Korach and Dmitry Yukelson

Brief Announcement: Fundamental Distributed Protocols in Mobile Networks
Kostas Hatzis and George Pentaris and Paul Spirakis and Vasilis Tampakas and Richard Tan

Brief Announcement: A Design Methodology for Mobile Distributed Applications based on UNITY and formalism and Communication-Closed Layering
Camelia Zlatea and Tzilla Elrad

Brief Announcement: Two Classes of Communication Patterns
Ajay Kshemkalyani and Mukesh Singhal

Brief Announcement: Using CSP to derive a Sequential Consistent DSM System
Perez E. and Roman G. and Ruiz H.

Brief Announcement: A design of a protocol for detecting an agent clone in mobile agent systems and its correctness proof
Jusung Baek and Dongik Lee and R.S.Ramakrishna

Brief Announcement: A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Finding Strongly Connected Components
Mehmet Hakan Karaata and Fawaz Al-Enezi and Mohammad Shakeel Laghari

Brief Announcement: Dynamically Configurable Distributed Objects
Michael J. Lewis and Andrew S. Grimshaw

Brief Announcement: Asynchronous Progress
Ernie Cohen

Brief Announcement: Lower and Upper Bounds for Attacks on Authentication Protocols
Scott D. Stoller

Brief Announcement: Properties of a Family of Booster Types
Gary L. Peterson

Brief Announcement: Optimal, Distributed Decision-Making: The Case of No Communication
Marios Mavronicolas and Paul Spirakis

Brief Announcement: External Logging on a Logical Ring
Jerry James and Ambuj Singh

Brief Announcement: Mutable Checkpoints: A New Checkpointing Approach for Mobile Computing Systems
Guohong Cao and Mukesh Singhal

Brief Announcement: Delay-Optimal Quorum-Based Mutual Exclusion for Distributed Systems
Guohong Cao, Mukesh Singhal, and Naphtali Rishe

Brief Announcement: Maintenance of a Spanning Tree in Dynamic Network
Avner Porat