Memory space requirements for self-stabilizing leader election protocols
Joffroy Beauquier and Maria Gradinariu and Colette Johnen

Scalable Concurrent Priority Queue Algorithms
Nir Shavit and Asaph Zemach

Optional Locking Integrated with Operational Transformation in Distributed Real-Time Group Editors
Chengzheng Sun

Fast Set Agreement in the Presence of Timing Uncertainty
Dimitris Michailidis

Long-Lived Renaming Made Adaptive
Yehuda Afek and Hagit Attiya and Arie Fouren and Gideon Stupp and Dan Touitou

Comparison of Initial Conditions for Distributed Algorithms on Anonymous Networks
Naoshi Sakamoto

A faster distributed algorithm for computing maximal matchings deterministically
Michal Hanckowiak, Michal Karonski and Alessandro Panconesi

Computing Anonymously with Arbitrary Knowledge
Paolo Boldi and Sebastiano Vigna

Optimal and Efficient Clock Synchronization Under Drifting Clocks
Rafi Ostrovsky and Boaz Patt-Shamir

Rollback-Dependency Trackability: Visible Characterizations
Roberto Baldoni and Jean-Michel Helary and Michel Raynal

Analysis of Timing Based Mutual Exclusion with Random Times
Eli Gafni and Michael Mitzenmacher

A simple local-spin group mutual exclusion algorithm
Patrick Keane and Mark Moir

On k-Set Consensus Problems in Asynchronous Systems
Roberto De Prisco and Dahlia Malkhi and Michael Reiter

Timed Consistency for Shared Distributed Objects
Francisco J. Torres-Rojas and Mustaque Ahamad and Michel Raynal

Matching Events in a Content-based Subscription System
Marcos K. Aguilera and Robert E. Strom and Daniel C. Sturman and Mark Astley and Tushar D. Chandra

Sequentially Consistent Versus Linearizable Counting Networks
Marios Mavronicolas and Michael Merritt and Gadi Taubenfeld

Wait-Free Synchronization in Multiprogrammed Systems: Integrating Priority-Based and Quantum-Based Scheduling
James H. Anderson and Mark Moir

Fast wait-free 2k-1-renaming
Yehuda Afek and Michael Merritt

Backward Consistency and Sense of Direction in Advanced Distributed Systems
Paola Flocchini and Alessandro Roncato and Nicola Santoro

A Knowledge-Theoretic Analysis of Uniform Distributed Coordination and Failure Detectors
Joseph Y. Halpern and Aleta Ricciardi

A Simple DSM Consistency Protocol for Nested Object Transactions
Peter Graham and Yahong Sui

Resource Discovery in Distributed Networks
Mor Harchol-Balter and Tom Leighton and Daniel Lewin

Flash Mixing
Markus Jakobsson

The Complexity of End-to-End Communication in Memoryless Networks
Micah Adler and Faith Fich

Optimal Reactive k-stabilization
Joffroy Beauquier, Christophe Genolini, and Shay Kutten

Liveness-preserving Simulation Relations
Paul Attie

Decentralized Replicated-Object Protocols
Peter Keleher

Brief Announcement: The HiMAT Model for Mobile Agent Applications
Marco Cremonini, Andrea Omicini and Franco Zambonelli

Brief Announcement: The Sound of Silence: Guessing Games for Saving Energy in Mobile Environment
Shlomi Dolev and Ephraim Korach and Dmitry Yukelson

Brief Announcement: Fundamental Distributed Protocols in Mobile Networks
Kostas Hatzis and George Pentaris and Paul Spirakis and Vasilis Tampakas and Richard Tan

Brief Announcement: A Design Methodology for Mobile Distributed Applications based on UNITY and formalism and Communication-Closed Layering
Camelia Zlatea and Tzilla Elrad

Brief Announcement: Two Classes of Communication Patterns
Ajay Kshemkalyani and Mukesh Singhal

Brief Announcement: Using CSP to derive a Sequential Consistent DSM System
Perez E. and Roman G. and Ruiz H.

Brief Announcement: A design of a protocol for detecting an agent clone in mobile agent systems and its correctness proof
Jusung Baek and Dongik Lee and R.S.Ramakrishna

Brief Announcement: A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Finding Strongly Connected Components
Mehmet Hakan Karaata and Fawaz Al-Enezi and Mohammad Shakeel Laghari

Brief Announcement: Dynamically Configurable Distributed Objects
Michael J. Lewis and Andrew S. Grimshaw

Brief Announcement: Asynchronous Progress
Ernie Cohen

Brief Announcement: Lower and Upper Bounds for Attacks on Authentication Protocols
Scott D. Stoller

Brief Announcement: Properties of a Family of Booster Types
Gary L. Peterson

Brief Announcement: Optimal, Distributed Decision-Making: The Case of No Communication
Marios Mavronicolas and Paul Spirakis

Brief Announcement: External Logging on a Logical Ring
Jerry James and Ambuj Singh

Brief Announcement: Mutable Checkpoints: A New Checkpointing Approach for Mobile Computing Systems
Guohong Cao and Mukesh Singhal

Brief Announcement: Delay-Optimal Quorum-Based Mutual Exclusion for Distributed Systems
Guohong Cao, Mukesh Singhal, and Naphtali Rishe

Brief Announcement: Maintenance of a Spanning Tree in Dynamic Network
Avner Porat