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PODC Social Network Workshop

July 21st, 2013

Computational social science is an emerging discipline at the intersection of computer science, statistics, game theory, and the social sciences with the potential of introducing a momentous paradigm shift in sociology and social psychology. In some sense, modern social networks are distributed systems and it is therefore not surprising that there is a significant overlap between distributed computing and the study of social networks.

The focus of this workshop will be on those topics in computational social science, which can be investigated by using tools and techniques that have already proved to be useful in the analysis of distributed systems. We expect the discussion to foster a better understanding of what is currently known and to point to promising new avenues of research for the distributed computing community.


The following speakers have confirmed their participation. A few more might join later.






Concordia University in the EV Building, Room EV 3.309 (3rd floor)
1515 Sainte Catherine Str. West (please use the entrance at the corner of Sainte Catherine and Guy Streets). See the map.