Booking on-campus accommodation

Please follow the steps below to book your stay on Royal Holloway campus. Note that the cut-off date for reserving on-campus accommodation is 9 July 2018 11 July 2018. No further booking requests for on-campus rooms will be accommodated after this date.

Single Occupancy Booking

  • Click to access the booking portal.
  • On the first screen:
    1. Select your arrival and departure dates. Note that the dates bookable through the portal must fall within the range of 21 July (earliest arrival) to 29 July (earliest departure).
    2. Change ‘Area’ from ‘Any Location’ to ‘New Halls’.
    3. Enter ‘ACMPODC2018’ in the ‘Promotion Code’ field.
    4. Click ‘Find Rooms’.

  • On the next screen, you will see your chosen accommodation range along with the room description.
    1. Select the number of rooms you wish to book.
    2. Select the number of guests per room (1).
    3. Your total cost will appear in the upper right screen corner.
    4. Click ‘Proceed’.
    5. Complete your personal and payment details as instructed in the following screens.

Double Occupancy Booking

The following applies if you are interested to share an on-campus room with a partner who is not registered as an attendee of either PODC’18 or collocated workshops.

  1. Reserve an on-campus room for single occupancy as per the instructions above
  2. Take a note of the reservation reference number
  3. Follow the link below to pay the partner supplement of £35/night (inclusive of breakfast) for the desired number of nights. Use the number of items to specify the number of nights. Provide your details, and the reservation reference number when prompted: