Student Travel Awards


PODC 2019, along with SIGOPS, SIGACT, ACM, and other PODC sponsors, would like to encourage student participation at the Symposium.

PODC 2019 will partially reimburse the travel costs and/or the registration cost of deserving graduate student registrants who might otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

Eligibility Requirements

Students eligible to apply are the following:

  1. Graduate students at the time of registration, or
  2. Undergraduate students that are (co)-authors of a PODC 2019 paper.

The number and amount of awards will be determined based on the available budget and the applications received.

Application Material

Applications should be sent by e-mail with the subject “PODC 2019 Student Travel Grant Application” to PODC 2019 Travel Grant coordinator Sebastian Brandt at In addition to a student’s application, a short letter of recommendation should be sent by the student’s advisor to the above email address with the subject line “PODC 2019 Student Travel Grant – Recommendation” (the advisor should clarify the nature and amount of any other sources of funding that are available or have been applied for). Please note that both these emails must be received by the deadline (see below) in order for an application to be considered.

Each student application should include the following:

  • Student name, affiliation, and address
  • Type of support requested (travel cost, registration, etc.)
  • Expected Expenses (broken down as registration, travel, and lodging)
  • Type of student (PhD, MS, undergraduate etc.)
  • Number of years that the applicant has been a student in the current program, and expected date of completion
  • A short paragraph (maximum 150 words) describing briefly why the student wants to attend PODC 2019 (e.g., to present a paper). Ascii/text attachment is ok for this paragraph.
  • Title and Authors of paper presented (if applicable)
  • Name and email address of advisor
  • Availability to serve as a volunteer (registration desk, etc.) for part of the conference.


  • Applications due June 16, 2019.
  • Award decisions made by June 24, 2019.

Other Information

ACM requires winners to provide taxpayer information (e.g., SSNs for those in the US).