Workshops & Tutorials


  1. Workshop on Advanced Tools, Programming Languages, and Platforms for Implementing and Evaluating Algorithms for Distributed Systems (ApPLIED)
    Organizers: Chryssis Georgiou, Y. Annie Liu, Miguel Matos, and Elad Schiller
  2. Biological Distributed Algorithms (BDA)
    Organizers: Yuval Emek and Saket Navlakha
  3. Distributed Algorithms on Realistic Network Models (DARe)
    Organizers: Saeed Akhoondian Amiri, Laurent Feuilloley, Sebastian Siebertz, and Alexandre Vigny


  1. Byzantine Agreement and Leader Election: From Classical to the Modern
    by John Augustine, Anisur Rahaman Molla, and Gopal Pandurangan
  2. Security and Privacy for Distributed Optimization & Distributed Machine Learning
    by Nitin Vaidya
  3. Interaction-Oriented Programming: An Application Semantics Approach for Engineering Decentralized Applications
    by Amit Chopra, Samuel Christie, and Munindar P. Singh