Conference Format

Technical Sessions

Each live technical session will take place on Zoom, and will contain short talks (6 minutes for each full paper, 3 minutes for each brief announcement) with additional time for questions and discussions.

Gem Sessions

The Gem Session is a new concept, whose aim is to bring together PODC members that work in different subareas of our community, by presenting a gem in one of the subareas — a classic and beautiful result, typically a celebrated one that has been out there for quite a while, and is easy to explain in a way that does not require prior background. The presentation aims at giving some flavor about research in that subarea and connecting it to current research, and could potentially encourage people to attend talks in this subarea even if they are less familiar with it. 

Additional Sessions: Meet other Postdocs & Students (MoPS), Mentorship about Research, Industry, and Academia (MaRIA)

These sessions are intended to strengthen connections within the community and provide opportunities for professional development. More details can be found at: